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Psychology Laboratory:

The college maintains psychology laboratory to practical teach the students concept of psychology. The laboratory maintains various test equipments as per the standards set by N.C.T.E. Various tests are being administrated on various behavior patterns, which the students might not have faced before, but will come into contact with. Psychology is one of the most essential part of our lives, which predominates behaviors. Learning the techniques of determining this is done in the laboratory.



Science Laboratory:

The college maintains science laboratory in the campus for teaching & conducting scientific experiments in Physics, Chemistry & Biology. The laboratorys well equipped to prepare the teachers for the future. The laboratory equipments are as per N.C.T.E standards.




Computer Laboratory:

In order to give a basic understanding about usage of computers and operations, the institute has established a moderate computer laboratory. To keep the pace of the institute with time, the college maintains a computer lab with more than 50 computer systems with latest software, hardware and peripherals. Systematically arranged computer systems can provide insight to the students in the area of Internet and other information available through computers which is essential and unavoidable in the new era. Students can learn to use computers for all practical purposes of teaching.



  1. DVD. Player
  2. LCD projector
  3. Over Head Projector
  4. Good Speaker Systems
  5. 29 Television
  6. To show C.D. and Pictures are also available on big screen.
  7. Tape Recorder
  8. Loud Speakers
  9. Microphone
  10. Camera
  11. Adequate Chart, Slides & Transparencies
  12. Adequate Cultural materials for preparation
  13. Blank Audio Cassettes

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